HIMYM Addiction


Good morning!

As some of you know, I’m a fan of the legendary serie “How I Met Your Mother” , and to know how fan I am, I’m gonna share with you 10 situations or things that I do in my life which are based on HIMYM.

1/ I don’t sleep without watching HIMYM (rewatching old episodes again and again)

2/ Tuesday is my favourite day , not weekends 😀

3/ My phone ringtone is HIMYM ringtone for years ago (Before that I used to change my ringtones but I didn’t since that time)

4/ When i got married , I told my husband that watching Himym iis a must in our relationship, and I made him watching HIMYM to be in the same wavelenght (Now we are in the last season, and YESSSS HE LIKED IT :D)

5/ I consider that there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who watch HIMYM, and those who don’t. :/

6/ When I meet a new person, I always ask if they watch HIMYM. If they do, I consider this new person already as a friend with who I share a lot of things .

7/ When my Mom told me once that she started watching HIMYM and she stopped at the 7th episode because she didn’t like the show, I reaalllly felt like saying : Mom, Our mom/daughter relationship is ooooooover ! ( I didn’t , come on guys she’s my mom! 😛 )

8/ I always classify people by HIMYM characters , If they are a Ted, a lily, Marshall, Robin, or Barney

9/ My profile picture in Facebook has been for a long time a picture of himym’s characters

10/ While HIMYM is coming to end, I feel like that I’ll be getting dumped, and i’ll be suffering a lot from this breakup by watching movies, and “dating” new series trying hardly to forget “HIM”ym, and i’ll be crying and crying out loud … (And Yeah that what happened 😦 )

Is it normal to be that addicted? and do you have any special situations with your favourite serie? Let’s me know in comments (N) !

Have a nice day! 😉




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