و تمضي الأيام !

I used to do a self appraisal every year , it’s about what I’m , what I did, the goals that I’ve achieved, and that I haven’t , I usually do this in my birthday (2 September), a perfect date after an academic year and it’s summer .

This time, I’m sort of doing this today , 1st January 2012 , I flashback in my mind to January 2011 , when that year started , how was it and how is finished , the conclusion was that it wasn’t a nice year for me , I don’t want to speak about its details , but the idea is that I was confused all the year as I never was before ..

Well, 2011 is over .. So I have to turn the page .. and start talking about my beautiful first day of 2012 .. the reason why I’m writing here ..

Today meant a lot to me , it was a good idea to start the day with a breakfast with close friends at panorama Café , and to celebrate the birthday of our friend A. ..
It was .. Euuh .. really beautiful ! yeah that’s it ! you know that kind of intimate meetings when you share and you speak about  everything .. we (Blizzed) as usual , we laughed , we discussed serious things , about us , about BDE this beautiful huge “thing” who’s gathering us  ..

In our return way , I was thinking how I’m lucky to have those friends , and that I’d like to pass the next  1st January with the same people in the same place, I looked at Ak. and realized how this person makes me happy just by being in my life , I walked with S. and remembered all the times we had together , how this person was present in every moment in my recent life , And Lolattyyy , the cuteness itself ! The kind of person that you can just..adore!  And R. the person with who I spent the longest period in BDE , and  to let you know what it is , and what it means, I have to devote a special post to BDE after.. And lastly but not leastly , A. with who we were remembering that before 2 years ago, we mostly have the same day at today , and it was very nice to remember this .. And maybe also bad in another side ..

The evening wasn’t less wonderful, it was with my lovely sweet family, what was special is that we were .. Simply..  together! My parents ❤ , A.R who’s studying abroad was here, O. le piz3awi was here too, M. My sweet little brother who give the joy to our life!

Well .. the first day of 2012 couldn’t be better !

Happy new year to you all !


5 responses

  1. هنيالك، ربنا يبارك أيامك كلها 🙂

  2. Keep up the great work, I read few posts on this internet site and I conceive that your site is real interesting and has got lots of good information.

  3. Yeah, that was just great.

عبر أنت أيضا ..

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